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About Me

I’m a computer engineer, software developer and all-round technologist who enjoys exploring new things and writing about programming, building software and unconventional stuff. I started my journey with computers as a child, initially on the legendary Commodore 64 (which I mainly used to play video games by the way 🙂) and later diving into programming on another iconic machine, the Amiga 600.

My professional career began in computer engineering, where I designed automation systems, programmed embedded devices, and explored new pattern recognition methods for industrial applications. I then transitioned into pure software development and have since worked on various projects across different industries, gaining expertise in the full software development life cycle.

Throughout my career I’ve got well-versed in a variety of programming languages that made me a proficient polyglot coder. Nowadays I mainly do C++ for high-performance programming, which I used extensively for nearly two decades, and Python for anything else for its high versatility. But I’m always curious about new ways of writing code and enjoy playing around with new toys.

Currently, I’m working in the fintech industry designing and developing software for trading systems. I’m always open to evaluate job offers or partnerships and collaborations for interesting business ventures, so feel free to contact me to pitch your ideas or proposals.

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