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I have worked on a wide variety of interesting and fun projects in my professional career and I would share many of them if there weren’t any legal caveats. Following is a small selection that are open-sourced or for which I have full rights and are free to use 🙃.


uDSP is a small 100% pure Python library for basic Digital Signal Processing. It is heavily object oriented and offers a high level of abstraction over many commonly used DSP operations. Developed as an additional resource to some image processing articles published on this site and released as an open source project.

Check out the repository on GitHub.


A high-performance cross-platform audio recognition SDK written in C++ and specifically designed to run on devices with constrained resources (i.e. mobile, embedded and IoT devices). It employs an algorithm based on computer vision and machine learning techniques described in details here .

It’s open source and can be found on GitHub.


A web platform implementing a marketplace for on-demand personalized assistance. It connects people to professionals in the industry for tasks and consultations through a real-time system with instant messaging and conversational transactions. Developed in PHP on Laravel.

This is the open-source version of a larger production service (demo here).


A software for Electrical/Computer/Mechanical Engineers or anyone else who wants to analyze the structural properties of dynamical systems. Started as a side project for personal use and then further developed into a full-fledged application. Written in C++ with RAD Studio.

It’s Free Software and can be found here.